Apex Dynamics - Cartesian Robot - SA Series

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Apex Dynamics - Cartesian Robot - SA Series

Apex Dynamics - Cartesian Robot - SA Series is a product with 3 axis linear guide bearings for 10 standard smooth movements and 10 teachable programs. 3/5 the movement of the axis is synchronized. Free tracking control with pulse generator, easy to program. Each program that can be taught can save up to 100 steps, and each step can accommodate 4 sequences of parallel movements. Independent diagnostic system continually monitors input / output status and sends the latest 20 errormessages. The Z axis speed can be adjusted on a percentage scale.

The features of this product are:
5 backup inputs and 8 backup outputs to interact with other enhancements :

1) Section Removal: Easy to maneuver in the mold area and use unconventional
path to remove prints and reduce final tooling costs

2) The drop off part:
① 9 positions that can be programmed in 2 areas, for a total of 18 points.

② Additional cross axis settings can reach 36 points.

③ Quick settings using pitch to reach 99 points

④ Additional cross axis settings can reach 198 points.

3) Edge equipment: Connect to conveyor, mist sprayer, thrush cutter, sensor
and other equipment to complete the automation system.

4) Inspection:
① Reject the program: Detects signals from the printing press and rejects the place
parts in various regions.

② Inspection program: Place parts in different areas for QC inspection, for
For example every 100 cycles.

CetakanMold-testing program: Allows checking the parts at the beginning of each automatic printing cycle before the cycle counter starts

④ Spare parts counter: Calculates the total number of good parts and stopsthe operation of the robot after the calculation target is reached.
Distributor of Automation and Industrial Robotic Products for the Cartesian Robot Apex SA Series Robots

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