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Epson Robot - 6 Axis Robot - Flexion N6 Compact 6 Axis Robots - 850mm
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Flexion N6 Compact 6-Axis Robots - 850mm

Flexion N6 compact 6-axis robots have a unique folding arm technology which reduces intermediate points and shortens cycle times compared to other robots of a similar size. With a reach of 850mm and 1000mm and 6kg maximum payloads, Flexion N6 robots work with our RC700A controller.

The compact 6-Axis robot with a long reach and revolutionary design

Featuring the world’s first folding-arm design, the Flexion N6 6-Axis robot expands Epson’s award-winning Flexion N-Series lineup. With a unique ability to fold under itself, the robot reduces intermediate points and shortens cycle times. Ideal for vertical load/unload applications, this compact robot provides the ultimate in motion and workspace efficiency. Innovative tight-space motion capability ensures the robot’s arm extremities avoid obstacles, while Epson’s proprietary Residual Vibration Technology delivers outstanding speed, precision, acceleration/deceleration rates and more. The Flexion N6 offers 850mm and 1,000 mm reach and a payload up to 6 kg.

Compact, high-performance 6-Axis Robots offer outstanding flexibility and reliability. With a unique SlimLine design and reduced footprint, these robots are able to work in tight spaces like never before.

Why Epson 6‑Axis Robots?
• SlimLine Design
• First "Folding Arm" Design
• Reduced Vibration

• Assembly
• Pick & Place
• Part Transfer & Material Handling
• Packaging
• Kitting/Tray Loading
• Machine Tending
• Screw Driving
• Dispensing
• Palletizing
• Lab Analysis and Testing
• Inspection and Test
• Material Removal/Surface Finishing
• Grinding

Automation and Robotics Authorized Distributor of Industrial Robot 6 Axis Robot Epson Robot Flexion N6 Compact 6-Axis Robots - 850mm

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