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Universal Robots - Collaborative Robot - UR3
Universal Robots - Collaborative Robot - UR3
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Specification of

UR3 Robot

As the smallest of the UR robot, the UR 3 table-top robot is a perfect choice for light assembly tasks and for performing tasks that absolutelyprecision. With 360 degree rotation on all of its wrist joints, as wellas unlimited rotation of the joints, UR3 is a flexible, versatile and collaborative robot on the market today.

UR3 table-top robot in short:
- Automate tasks up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg)
- Reach radius of up to 19.7 in (500 mm)
- Fastest payback in the industry

Automation and Robotics Authorized Distributor of Industrial Robot Collaborative Robot Universal Robots UR3

Machine Tools
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