THK - LM Guide Full Ball Type SR
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23 Apr 2020
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LM Guide THK

Specification of THK - LM Guide Full Ball Type SR

THK - LM Guide Full Ball Type SR is a type of product with a compact structure that has a low cross section height and is resistant to loads in the radial direction. More profitable than HSR when removing loads inthe radial direction (longevity, precision, stiffness, etc.).

The features of this product are:
-Circulating ball rows using end plates installed in the LM block when the ball rotates the rotating side with four precisely grounded lines into the LM block and the LM rail.

- The ball will not fall out even if the LM block is removed from the LM rail because it is held by the retaining plate.

-Has a low cross section height, and LM blocks have been designed with high rigidity, which allows for very precise and consistent linear movements.

- Compact type with low cross section height, which isideal for horizontal guide components for strong ball contact structures against loads in the radial direction.

- This product is a type of self alignment that can easily absorb errors at the level of precision and level of parallelism for two shafts, which are capable of very precise and smooth movements.

- The retaining part of each row of ball can obtain a circular motion with limited sound becausethe ball is designed to circulate smoothly using the guide part on the end plate.
- It is possible to maintain the accuracy of long periods of time, have excellent abrasion resistance and limited differential slippage even when there is a preload or uneven load.

- LM blocks, LM rail, and LM rail are all compatible with stainless steel.

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