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Epson Robot
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C8XL Mid Sized 6-Axis Robots

Epson C8XL Mid Sized 6-axis robots bring Epson Robots into new applications which require longer reach and the quality, reliability and performance Epson Robots are famous for. With 1400mm of reach and 8Kg maximum payloads, C8XL robots are available in Standard, Clean/ESD, and Protected (IP67) model configurations and work with our RC700A controller.

• Extra Reach - Slimline Design
• Fast Cycle Times with crisp motion
• Epson Exclusive... Residual Vibration Control (see features/benefits section)
• Best in Class Motion Range
• SlimLine design significantly reduces robot bulk
• ISO Class 3 Clean/ESD and Protected (IP67) Compliant Models

The Epson C8XL Mid Sized Long Reach 6-Axis robots provide power, speed and great overall performance with an extreme SlimLine design. While maintaining a large payload capacity of up to 8Kg, Epson C8XL robots with our extreme SlimLine Design can reach into tight quarters handling many different mid-sized 6-axis jobs that are impossible to do with other 6-axis robots. Just like our Epson C4-Series robots, the C8XL design includes a unique compact wrist pitch as well as a slim body elbow design as well as an extremely small base giving C8XL arms a tiny footprint up to 2-3x smaller than competitive models. With a weight at only 62Kg, Epson C8L robots are 2-3x lighter than comparable competitive models while also providing superior motion and cycle times. Bottom line, Epson C8XL robots were made for big jobs in tight spaces. Our goal was to continue our lineup of robust 6-axis robots in compact configurations capable of meeting Epson's high performance standards. The new Epson C8XL does that and more by allowing payloads up to 8Kg while maintaining fast speeds and cycle times with an extremely tiny footprint.

The Epson C8XL cycle times are just 0.54 seconds (with a 3Kg payload). Starting with 1000W motors on the J1 axis, Epson C8XL robots are powerful yet compact. Like the rest of the C8 Series 6-axis Robots, the Epson C8XL's footprint to motion range ratio is in a class by itself and the outstanding flexibility allows Epson robots to do jobs that other small 6 axis arms simply cannot do.

How Do We Do It? (Unique to Epson)
Our SlimLine body and compact wrist design enable greater motion range and less mechanical restrictions than comparably sized models. Larger motors and superior servo controls allow for fast yet precise motion control which means smoother motion for your next application. In addition Epson acceleration/deceleration rates due to our high performance Epson proprietary servo system provide fast motion on a smooth path.

Unique to Epson: Residual Vibration Technology - Most 6-axis arm manufacturers have to add size to get the rigidity required for reasonable arm performance. Epson has a unique Residual Vibration Technology called QMEMS that allows our SlimLine arms to produce outstanding speed, precision, accel/decel rates and much more without requiring more weight and bulk. Reducing vibration is the key to high performance, and our Residual Vibration Technology using Epson QMEMS sensors help significantly reduce vibration through detecting and canceling vibration.

Industries We Serve
Epson C8XL Mid Sized Long Reach 6-axis robots are ideally suited for the Automotive, Industrial, Electronics, Appliance, Consumer, Food, PC Peripheral, Medical Semiconductor, Plastics, and Aerospace industries. They can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from machine load/unload in the Industrial Industries to component handling for Automotive, Packaging for a variety of industries or Consumer Product Assembly to name a few. There are tens of thousands of different applications that these robots can handle. Give us a call and let us help you with your next application.

Compact, high-performance 6-Axis Robots offer outstanding flexibility and reliability. With a unique SlimLine design and reduced footprint, these robots are able to work in tight spaces like never before.

Why Epson 6‑Axis Robots?
• SlimLine Design
• First "Folding Arm" Design
• Reduced Vibration

• Assembly
• Pick & Place
• Part Transfer & Material Handling
• Packaging
• Kitting/Tray Loading
• Machine Tending
• Screw Driving
• Dispensing
• Palletizing
• Lab Analysis and Testing
• Inspection and Test
• Material Removal/Surface Finishing
• Grinding

Automation and Robotics Authorized Distributor of Industrial Robot 6 Axis Robot Epson Robot C8XL Mid Sized 6-Axis Robots

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