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23 Mar 2023
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THK - Single Axis - US-USW is a product that mostly has a lifetime of 20,000 km with maximum load capacity applied (10,000 km for US6 and 8), which is the highest level of service life in the industry. LM Guide and ball screw running life can also be calculated based on conditions of use.

The features of this product are

1. Long-term maintenance free surgery
Thanks to the use of the SHW (US8) Ball Cage Bus Guide Book and the SHS model (US12,
16, and 20) in the square guide, and the QZ Lubricator, which supplies the right amount of lubricant in ball screws, this series provides long-term maintenance-free operation. The SHW model is very resistant to load moments in the Mc direction because of the same 4-way load design and wide rail structure. The SHS model, the LM standard global standard guide, can accept loads in all directions (radial, reverse radial, and lateral) because of the same 4-way load design.

2. High speed
Most units in this series (US8 to USW20) accommodate twice as many prospects for each diameter ball screw shaft. This reduces processing time and allows the device to operate at high speeds.

3. Smart structure
In most standard sensor units are inserted into the actuator, making the actuator very compact (this does not apply to US6). For other sensor options, the sensor is installed on the outside of the unit. US8: 1 sensor (original position); USW12, 16 and 20: 3 sensors (position and end of house).

4. Easy assembly
For standard units, both tables and bases have dowel pin pins, and bases have
elongated hole. This facilitates installation and assembly, allowing the unit to be installed easily. Both top surface mounting or bottom face mounting can be selected for the base (this applies only to US12, 16 and 20).

5. versatile lineup
These units accommodate stroke lengths, which are specified in 50mm increments, ranging from 100mm to 1,700mm. Many types of ball screw leads are provided as well, allowing customers to choose units that suit their needs.

Automation and Robotics Authorized Distributor of Industrial Robot Single Axis THK US-USW

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